Best Live Music Venues in Toronto

Travelers don’t only go to Toronto for its impressive tourist destinations. They also come here for the music life the place has to offer. Toronto has embraced the culture of music and has places where people have been gathering for many decades now to listen to a wide range of music.

Here are the best weekend spots you might want to visit at night for relaxing or fun live music:

Mod Club

This club offers regular DJ nights and invites celebrities. It has a good reputation when it comes to live music.

The Dakota Tavern

If you are a country music lover, then this is the haven you need. In this venue, you will meet people in their cowboy attire while you enjoy your beer, bourbon, and beat. You will never miss that Nicholas Sparks’ the longest ride feels when you are in the vicinity.

Lee’s Palace

Local bands and bands on tour are known to play in the Lee’s Palace since this is a massive venue with a high ceiling and can accommodate large audiences.

Horseshoe Tavern

One of Toronto’s oldest bars, this historic venue had The Rolling Stones and Willie Nelson play for the audience. Although modern features were added to the place, the billiards and front patio remain.

The Danforth Music Hall

This venue is designed for a massive audience. It is designed with inclined seats for everyone’s convenience with regards to stage view.

Opera House

For more than a century, this venue had been utilized for live theatres and cinemas in Toronto. Now, it has become a music venue as well and has its own bar installed inside. Plus, its balcony will give you a better view of the stage.

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