Which Is the Best Food Delivery App Toronto for Your Cravings?

It’s dinnertime, and you’re craving something delicious. Maybe it’s some hot and cheesy pizza or a juicy burger; whatever it is, you know you can’t wait to eat it!
But with your busy schedule, the thought of searching for a restaurant and physically picking up the food is overwhelming.
While meal kit delivery services allow you to cook restaurant-quality meals in your kitchen, food delivery apps bring a wide range of restaurant meals directly …

Having CBD on Your Flight to Toronto: Is It Legal?

CBD has shown tremendous promise in treating a variety of medical conditions. Because of its popularity, many people want to bring it with them when they travel for emergency and medical needs.
Regardless, it is critical to be aware of the local laws and to get professional guidance before taking CBD on your next flight to Toronto!
Is It Legal to Have CBD on Your Flight?
The legalization of CBD oil canada varies across different countries, as there are no uniform standards or laws governing it worldwide. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct thorough …

What Every Traveler Needs to Know About Toronto

Do you want to see the glorious CN Tower with your own eyes? Are you on the hunt for the best CBD oil brands in Canada? Maybe you want to catch a game during the hockey season. Well, regardless of the reason for your trip, Toronto is undeniably a great destination.
However, there is more to it than the dazzling skyline and cultural diversity. With that said, check out this article to make the most out of your next trip to the biggest city in the Great White North.
When to Visit
In general, the tourist season occurs in the summer with many cultural events, …

Rodents on the TTC: What That Means for Toronto Residents

According to many residents and pest control professionals, the rats in downtown Toronto have spread out since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. As if lockdowns weren’t difficult enough. Rats that lived in the alleyways of restaurants and tourist hubs moved into residential neighbourhoods to find food, burrowing into backyards and through the foundations of Toronto homes.
All the construction in the city doesn’t help, either. Since 2016, when Union Station started renovating, many commuters have …

A Simple Guide for a Stress-free Travel with Your Vape

Owing to the travel rules applied to liquids and batteries, traveling with your vape can be complicated and not Recommended by some. It is, however, a good thing that most airport workers understand vaping devices, so you will therefore be free from mistaken detention.
However, the fact that airport workers understand the rules associated with traveling with vape means that you might suffer if you fail to follow the rules. For that, we have written a guide on how you can experience a stress-free holiday with your vape.
Understand the Vaping Laws in your Place of Destination

Top Bars in Toronto for Live Music Lovers

No matter what type of music you prefer, each of the bars in Toronto offers its preference of genre for residents and tourists. You can choose from the bars that offer varied music such as indie rock, hip-hop, jazz, country, and many more.
Here is a list of the music venues in Toronto you should visit.
Horseshoe Tavern
Famous performers such as The Tragically Hip, Our Lady Peace, The Rolling Stones, and Ramones have played here. For over 70 decades in Toronto, the Horseshow Tavern has conducted special concerts to entertain everyone.
Drake Underground
EDM DJs, hip hop artists, and indie rockers are …

Best Bars with Live Music in Toronto on the Top List

Want to visit a bar with live music. Check out this list for suggestions.
The St. Royals
Best for weddings and private occasions, St. Royals can give you the exclusivity you need. You can contact the best bands to play no matter your type of music. Consult with an entertainment professional to help you out in choosing a wedding band for you.
The Horseshoe Tavern
This is an iconic spot for your tour in Toronto. Local and touring bands come here to play your favorite songs. They also have patient and helpful wait-staff at your service. If you are looking for a 70’s vibe to pair up with your booze, then this …

Best Live Music Venues in Toronto

Travelers don’t only go to Toronto for its impressive tourist destinations. They also come here for the music life the place has to offer. Toronto has embraced the culture of music and has places where people have been gathering for many decades now to listen to a wide range of music.
Here are the best weekend spots you might want to visit at night for relaxing or fun live music:
Mod Club
This club offers regular DJ nights and invites celebrities. It has a good reputation when it comes to live music.
The Dakota Tavern
If you are a country music lover, then this is the haven you need. In this venue, …

Best Bars with Amazing Rooftop View in Toronto

Enjoy the cityscape view of Toronto with your family, friends, and loved ones while sipping tasty cocktails and enjoying finger foods. With the view of Toronto’s high-rise buildings and cloudy sky, you will surely come back for more.
Here are the rooftop bars you need to visit in Toronto:
Bisha Hotel’s Kost
Get a picturesque view of the city from the 44th floor of the Bisha Hotel. From here, you will also set your eyes on the hotel’s infinity pool along with the tropical feels it brings. This place is hugely Mexican and Californian-inspired.
The Drake Hotel’s Sky Yard
With its colorful …

Ontario Caps Delivery Fees in Apps While Indoor Dining is Banned

The Toronto council decided to implement a reduction on delivery app commissions to restaurants that are temporarily unable to accept dine-in customers due to the pandemic.
Restaurant operators and owners have availed the convenience of these delivery apps such as Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes. Some of the best restaurants in Toronto have used these platforms to connect to customers online.
Although this has helped businesses to retain sales, it may not be a practical solution for long-term operations. Business owners have come up saying that the commissions are hard to absorb for a profit-thriving industry such as theirs….