A Simple Guide for a Stress-free Travel with Your Vape

Travel with Your Vape

Owing to the travel rules applied to liquids and batteries, traveling with your vape can be complicated and not Recommended by some. It is, however, a good thing that most airport workers understand vaping devices, so you will therefore be free from mistaken detention.

However, the fact that airport workers understand the rules associated with traveling with vape means that you might suffer if you fail to follow the rules. For that, we have written a guide on how you can experience a stress-free holiday with your vape.

Understand the Vaping Laws in your Place of Destination

Different states will have varying rules when it comes to vaping. Ensure that you research the laws of the state you wish to visit beforehand. Do not vape indoors, in cars, or any public place unless the law of the country you visit allows it.

Consider whether your destination country allows vaping. Also, consider whether you can buy e-cigarettes in the destination country. If the country allows vaping but does not allow the sale of e-cigarettes, you can consider carrying your own. To enjoy vaping while on your holiday, make sure you have enough supply of e-cigarettes, more so if you are visiting a country where finding a vape shop is hard.

Find the Airport’s Smoking Area Beforehand

To know if an airport has a smoking area, check a third-party website. Understand that most airports do not have smoking areas, so you need to vape outside the airport beforehand. If the country you visit only provides outdoor security areas, you will need to vape outside the airport and be checked by security afterwards.

Pack Your Vape Gear Based on Airline Regulations

Many airlines have strict guidelines on how vaping equipment should be packed. Therefore, you need to understand your carrier’s rules before traveling. The following tips will help you comply with most airlines:

Pack your vaping devices and spare batteries in your carry-on bag

It is easier for a flight crew to respond to fire in the passengers’ area than in the cargo hold. Packing your vaping devices in a carry-on bag is therefore recommended. Ensure that you turn off all your vaping devices.

Pack your carry-on e-liquid in a clear zip-top bag

This packing requirement makes the examination by security easy. Do not carry too much e-liquid in your zip-top bag since all the other liquid items you will be carrying need to fit in the same bag.

Prepare for Your Flight

For a stress-free travel, ensure that you empty your vape tank to avoid leaking when at high altitude. Also, before your flight, understand that you should never vape while on a plane. No airline allows in-flight vaping, and doing so could bring you much trouble. For long flights, you should carry some nicotine gum.

The existing vaping rules should not hinder you from enjoying your holiday with your vape. Understanding the above tips will help you have an exciting travel experience while avoiding any trouble with your vape.

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