Ontario Caps Delivery Fees in Apps While Indoor Dining is Banned

The Toronto council decided to implement a reduction on delivery app commissions to restaurants that are temporarily unable to accept dine-in customers due to the pandemic.

Restaurant operators and owners have availed the convenience of these delivery apps such as Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes. Some of the best restaurants in Toronto have used these platforms to connect to customers online.

Although this has helped businesses to retain sales, it may not be a practical solution for long-term operations. Business owners have come up saying that the commissions are hard to absorb for a profit-thriving industry such as theirs.

So, one of the restaurateurs suggested cutting the commission in half to at least sustain the survival and growth of the businesses. Fortunately, it has been said that the majority of the councilors are willing to take positive action when it comes to this.

Thankfully, Uber Canada was responsive and considerate enough to state to the Global News. They are now allowing restaurants to choose from the services they have where they prefer to apply the commission reduction.

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