Food Delivery Service in Toronto You Should Try

Thanks to technology, you can now enjoy all types of food in Toronto without having to put much effort into transportation and reservation. You will just have to install delivery apps as an alternative and get your food wherever you are.

Here at the food delivery apps that will help you enjoy the city’s culinary world more:


This is an app with more than 50 restaurants in it. You are more likely to find your favorite cafes and food stalls that offer delivery options in this app. This is used by restaurants as a platform to accept takeout orders from customers. It is also a retail site which makes it more convenient for you to shop for your needs, food, or not.


This pickup app has already offered restaurants a lifetime free of commission. So, you can expect that it will stay in the market much longer.


FOD or Food on Delivery operates not only in Canada but also across the US. They also deliver liquors. Chinese restaurants use this app for their customers. Thus, you are more likely to see FOD stickers in Chinese restaurant windows.


This is a food delivery app that specializes in Mandarin food such as rice balls and rice rolls. Fantuan will make your date night and food trips at home more convenient and easy to achieve, whether you are Chinese or not.

Food Hwy

Food Hwy also specializes in making Chinese food available for Toronto residents and tourists. They deliver food from more or less than 100 Chinese restaurants, reassuring that you enjoy the best cuisines Chinese restaurateurs offer.

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