Toronto Restaurateurs Experiences Frustration Over Poor Data Linking

Toronto banned the selling of liquors for New Year’s Eve. Consequently, restaurant owners truly had a hard time making up for their loss in January 2021.

Last December 31, businesses were banned from selling alcoholic beverages after 8:00 pm. Consequently, bars and kitchens were filled with unsold stocks that were supposedly prepared for New Year’s Eve. This did not only affect the sales but also the businesses’ relationship with customers. People were already planning to buy from establishments but were hugely disappointed when bars and kitchens stopped selling.

The tourism industry which includes restaurants and bars was painfully affected during the pandemic, and this experience just worsened the situation. This was mind-boggling especially for small businesses that were thriving. Although the spokeswoman has delivered a message saying that this is caused by the transmission of the virus, a complainant has answered back that this is the reason why takeout and delivery were offered.

The unfortunate incident has continuously given worries to restaurateurs because it may happen again if the authorities continue to exhibit such inconsideration.

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